From Hong Kong, China, Kai Yeung Yau attended Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education where he obtained a higher diploma in Fashion Image Design and then he went to complete his BA (Hons) at London College of Fashion, concentrating on Fashion Design and Technology (Womenswear). He has worked as fashion designer, stylist and art director in both London and Hong Kong. Since 2007, his works have been shown on BBC, Daily Telegraph (London), Evening Standard (London),, Milk Magazine (Hong Kong) and have been exhibited in Cheers Exhibition (London) and Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism Architecture 2007 (Hong Kong). He has won the Best Styling Award in Contemporary Design and he has been nominated Hong Kong Designer Association Student Award.


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  1. […] Kai Yeung Yau makes captivating garments by weaving video tape into textiles. The video tape was bought from a second-hand shop and then stitched on garments to visualize music with different pitches and frequencies by varying the heights and widths of the pleating. Check out the following videos to have a closer look! […]

  2. Emily Pearce Says:

    Hi Kai,

    I have been very inspired by your initiative to reuse video tape in textiles. Your work creates fantastic impact and highlights issues of waste, reuse and sustainability.

    I would like to invite you to join the Ethical Fashion Network – the worlds most inspiring business community.

    The Network is the worlds largest and most established network of fashion professionals dedicated to sustainability – bringing together more than 3000 people in 100 countries.

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    While the focus of the network is to support ethical fashion business, it is relevant to your needs if you are a student, graduate, entrepreneur, consumer, or just interested in ethical fashion. You can make use of our “Broadcast your message” service- and get your message directly into the inbox of all network members. You can make use of our “Link me up” service- need to connect with buyers, press, designers, or suppliers? We will connect you with the people who will take you forward.

    You can set up a group and build a community- or join an existing one- 77 communities have been created around a specific focus, from sources of funding, to the fabric pool, agents and buyers, students, suppliers, conscious consumers, and the noble gents…
    Need to do research? The network brings together some of the most inspiring pioneers of social enterprise in the fashion sector from every corner of the world- and sub networks have been launched in every corner of it, from Japan, to Brazil, to Africa and China..

    In ethical fashion or interested in it? Don’t miss out- you are one click away from becoming a member of the worlds most inspiring online community.

  3. Alison Says:

    Great work Kai Yeung! I am posting about you now 🙂 I am trying to find more links on the web. Send me some if you have anything you want to share with Switch. Love the work!

  4. […] = "Reciclado, reciclado e reciclado";buzzvolume_source = "phellipe";Kai Yeung Yau, aluno do último ano da London College of Fashion, criou um bolero com um material pouco […]

  5. janeen swing Says:

    I am writing you because I am developing a website called Eco1st and it will look like 1st My inspiration is Jane Goodall, Ed Begley and Pierce Brosnan “who have endorsed us”to only present recycled, eco-friendly, sustainable, green art and objects at a very high end level. My clients would be the persons that shop at Asprey’s or Museums.

    Very candidly, I would like to present your work …..Please look at 1st and let me know what you think.

    Thank you,


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